Event Policies

Vendor Product Policy

We can never guarantee that a particular item/toy will be for sale at any given show.  Our vendors are not required to advise us ahead of time as to what they will bring to sell on the day of the event.  They do, however, carry a wide range of both new and vintage product.  If you choose to attend any of our events, you accept this as part of the terms and conditions regarding admission to the show.

Admission Pricing Policy

We always do our best to ensure this website is updated in a timely manner.  However, pricing and times can be subject to change – in the event of a discrepancy/misunderstanding regarding pricing, any signage that is posted at the event will be assumed to have the most current pricing.  In addition, we are not responsible for inaccuracies regarding pricing and times on any third-party show/convention listing websites.


No refunds will be issued on any Admission purchases, regardless of circumstances.  If you are seeking a refund from a particular vendor at the event, you will need to deal with them directly.

Filing a Complaint

If at any time you have a complaint or concern, please simply ask to speak to one of the show organizers and we will be pleased to assist you.

VERBAL/PHYSICAL ABUSE OF EVENT STAFF WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  We kindly request that you treat all of our event staff with respect, and understand that they are volunteers who are doing their best to ensure you have an enjoyable show experience.  In the event of an incident, you will be asked to leave the premises.  No refunds will be issued in this case.

Celebrity Interaction Policy

Autograph and photo sessions are open to anyone at the convention, including those with complimentary wristbands and/or exhibitor badges.  (Please note, however, that having a wristband or badge does not entitle you to free autographs/photos nor does it entitle you to by-pass a line-up.)

Autograph sessions generally take place between 10 AM and 3 PM, but please be aware that celebrities are entitled to breaks when necessary.  As such, there are scheduled times when celebrities will be away for lunch, and we will post that information so you can plan accordingly.

Autograph fees per celebrity may vary from time to time and will vary from celebrity to celebrity, but we will do our best to keep the fee as reasonable as possible. Personal photographs with a celebrity are permitted (provided you bring your own camera). We anticipate a very high demand for the guests at our shows, so we suggest you line up early to ensure you get the autographs and photos you want.

Please note: celebrities may refuse to sign any non-licensed products or photos they find objectionable or offensive.

If you are a member of the press and wish to interview a celebrity at our show, you must submit a written request via E-mail at least a week in advance.  Questions for the celebrity you wish to interview must be submitted in writing via E-mail at least two (2) days prior to a convention or you will not be permitted to proceed with an interview.